Annual report – Scientific SubCommittee 5: Paediatric Anaesthesia

Annual report – Scientific SubCommittee 5: Paediatric Anaesthesia

  • Issue 79

Disma N (Chair), Becke K, Lauritsen T, Kleine-Brueggeney M, Sabourdin N (ESPA representative).

The last 12 months has seen intense activity for the ESA Scientific Sub-Committee Paediatric Anaesthesia (SSC5), especially implementing the collaboration between different scientific societies. One major achievement was represented by the meeting held in Vienna during Euroanesthesia 2019 when the Presidents of ESA, ASA, ESPA, SPA met. Dr Nicola Disma, chairman of SSC5 and Prof. Sulpicio Soriano, equivalent for ASA, coordinated the meeting with the aim of finding an international and “trans-Atlantic” agreement on developing common guidelines. The first are represented by the “New pediatric pre-operative fasting guidelines”, led by Dr Nicola Disma and Prof. Peter Frykholm, which includes several members from Europe and USA.

Another recent challenge is represented by a recently formed task force of defining criteria for a Paediatric Anaesthesia curriculum. This is a politically challenging task, aimed at defining how to build and maintain a paediatric anaesthesia curriculum. The new document will be developed under the umbrella of ESA, but also with the formal approval and endorsement of EBA and NASC. Hopefully, the first draft will be presented at Euroanaesthesia 2020 in Barcelona. Dr Torsten Lauritsen, Head of Department in Copenhagen, is currently leading the project.

APRICOT and NECTARINE study: a success story of ESA-Clinical Trial Network

A major achievement was the ESA-sponsored completion of the APRICOT study (Anaesthesia PRactice In ChildrenObservational Trial): a prospective multicentre observational study in 261 hospitals in Europe on the incidence of severe critical events in paediatric anaesthesiology. This has now been published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Following the success of the above study a further ESA-sponsored project NECTARINE (NEonate-Children sTudy of Anaesthesia pRactice IN Europe) focussed on a very fragile population: neonates and infants. This second clinical trial network concluded recruitment with around 5,700 patients included, databased has been cleaned twice and recently locked, statistical analysis on its way. Publication should take place by the end of this year.


Paediatric anaesthesia and pain management sessions have been very well attended in Vienna, and the new program is in place for next year in Barcelona. Moreover, a pre-conference course on early identification and treatment of paediatric anaesthesia critical events has been developed for several years, and the third will be held in Barcelona. The program was always revisited, with new format and faculty. The next format course will be on case-based discussions, dividing attendees into small group. Thanks to the generosity of Primex, 25 young attendees will receive a travel grant to attend the course and congress. This will be announced soon. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Future plans

  • Mother and Child, the 2019 ESA Focus, was in Rome 15-16 October. The conference is built thanks to the fruitful cooperation between the paediatric and obstetric scientific committees. Another great opportunity to meet experts and have a scientific update on paediatric and obstetric science.
  • Based on the success of the two above described CTNs, new trails are in the pipeline. “Blueberry” and “Lime” are the two new trials coming soon. Stay tuned!