Ultrasound Sessions at Euroanaesthesia 2018

Ultrasound Sessions at Euroanaesthesia 2018

Due to continuing high demand, the Ultrasound Workshops in Euroanaesthesia 2018 are taking place across all three days.

With the advent of ultrasound guidance there is renewed and increasing interest in regional anaesthesia, explained by alleged improved success rates and fewer complications. However, a lot remains to be done in terms of acquisition of a new skill set by both existing specialists and novices in anaesthesia.

A dedicated team of anaesthesiologists from our host nation Denmark, other European countries and the USA are assisting with demonstrations at this year’s sessions.

This year’s demonstrations feature:

Brachial plexus blocks, median, ulnar, radial (at elbow)

Paravertebral, lateral and median pectoral nerves, Serratus, erector spinal plane, multi-injection costotransverse blocks

Transversus abdominis plane, rectus sheath, fascia transversalis plane, ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric, quadratus lumborum blocks

Femoral, obturator, lateral femoral cutaneous, fascia iliaca compartment, femoral triangle, adductor canal blocks

Sciatic nerve block with different approaches

Neuraxial blocks, ultrasound and the vertebral column