• Issue 67

Neslihan ALkis
Immediate Past President of TARD

Chief Editor note: We are pleased to host in our Newsletter short presentations of the National Societies. Here is the first one, on the Turkish Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Society.

The Society of Anaesthesiology in Turkey, founded in 1956 was thereafter named the Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Society (TARD) in 1972. According to the Board of Ministers’ decision the society received the right to use the name ‘Turkish’ on 01.24.1975.

TARD (www.tard.org.tr) is the only legal NGO in Turkey in the field of anaesthesiology, perioperative care medicine, pain medicine, and critical care; organizing an annual congress; publishing a scientific journal and guidelines; and setting accreditation certificates and board exams. Moreover, TARD also coordinates the subspecialty scientific NGOs under the same roof and supports them by all means.

As the one and the only NGO in its field, TARD gives importance to the training of assistants and residents. In this context, it coordinates a Resident School Project, a 2.5-day course for last year residents about the anaesthesia machines, ventilators, and low flow anaesthesia. Also, an online Resident Log Book program designed and introduced by TARD is in use in many different departments.

TARD operates in close coordination with the Ministry of Health. As a result of this coordination, the co-curriculum was changed with the lobbying activities of TARD and the durations of resident programs were standardized and fixed to 5 years beginning in 2014.

TARD is also active in social projects and public awareness. An awareness campaign of Basic Life support for public, Hayata El Ver (Give a Hand to Life), was initiated by TARD in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and several universities.

For the patients a Q&A book was published to inform the community of common practices in perioperative care and anaesthesia-related topics.

TARD had and will always have good relations and cooperation with ESA, and its primary aim is to host one of upcoming Euroanaesthesia Congresses in Istanbul. The ESA Delegation paid a site visit to Istanbul in March 2016 and had the chance to see congress facilities onsite. Also, TARD is strong on CEEA courses; it was identified as the country that had the most CEEA courses in a year for the 2014-2016 period. Besides these, TARD supports 3 OLA centres in Turkey and opened 2 EDAIC centres in Istanbul. EDAIC Part I counts as a National Board Exam and certification is provided according to the result of EDAIC exam.