The European Trauma Course (ETC) – A Multi-Disciplinary Joint Venture is Coming of Age

The European Trauma Course (ETC) – A Multi-Disciplinary Joint Venture is Coming of Age

  • Issue 64

Karl Thies | Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom

On behalf of the European Trauma Course Organisation

A joint venture of ESA, ESTES, EuSEM, and ERC

When we launched the ETC in 2008 we certainly had some expectations, but we did not envisage what actually would happen; the ETC, started as a small project by a handful of enthusiasts, turned into one of the most successful life support training programs in Europe within a few years.

The joint support of the ESA, the European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES), the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM), and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) have created significant momentum facilitating the international implementation of the program considerably.

But it is not only the political alliance of the four societies that has made the ETC so successful. It is mainly the novel design of the course, which has moved away from didactic teaching to scenario-based workshops, putting the main focus on Teamwork and Non-Technical Skills.

Within these workshops doctors and other health care practitioners train side by side in small groups resembling trauma teams in a shock room environment. During the two and a half day course the candidates complete 30 trauma admission scenarios covering the full spectrum of major trauma including paediatric trauma and trauma in pregnancy.

Since 2008 we have established programs in 23 countries; in geographical terms the ETC spans from Finland to Sudan and from Portugal to Saudi Arabia. The number of courses is still growing exponentially, indicating that the international demand for advanced trauma training is not met yet. The course is certified by the four European partner organizations and officially recognized and recommended by many national bodies. In the UK, for instance, the ETC is recognized for CPD by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The course is also recognized in many National Trauma Network certification and commissioning processes as in Germany and the UK.

This overwhelming success within only eight years would not have been possible without the vision and the hard work of all the people putting this project together, developing it further and paving the way for this new level of multidisciplinary European cooperation. We would like to thank particularly Carl Gwinnutt, Pete Driscoll, Mike Davis, David Zideman, Leo Bossaert, Carsten Lott, David Robinson, Peter Goode, Antonio Carneiro, Tina Gomes, Rui Araujo, Mary Rose Cassar, Giuseppe Nardi, Stefano di Bartolomeo, Bernd Böttiger, Pol Rommens, Eric Voiglio, Freddy Lippert, Charles Deakins, Marc Sabbe, Jerry Nolan, and the late Peter Baskett for their vision and commitment to the program.

For more information on the ETC please visit our website.

PS: A European Trauma Course will be held at St. Georges Hospital in London as pre-congress event commencing 24-27 May. Please contact Philippa Newman if you would like to book a place.