Scientific Subcommittee 3: Regional Anaesthesia

Scientific Subcommittee 3: Regional Anaesthesia

  • Issue 72

Eric Albrecht, Chair SSC3

Regional anaesthesia, a sub-specialty relevant to most anaesthetists’ daily practice, encompasses both neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks. Despite a clear trend towards more peripheral blocks, we are keen to maintain interest in both, to organise joint sessions with other subcommittees and therefore cater for a wide audience. With the advent of ultrasound guidance there is renewed interest in regional anaesthesia explained by alleged improved success rates and fewer complications.

However, a lot remains to be done in terms of acquisition of a new skill set by both existing specialists and novices in anaesthesia. This is just one example of a very exciting and rewarding area. Within the time constraints of each year, we strive to design a diverse scientific programme delivered by world class speakers who are experts in their field. We also organise the well-received, yearly hands-on Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia and Cadaver Workshops. This has been recently expanded to accommodate a greater number of participants and is organised by expert centres in Europe on a rotational basis.

The current composition of the subcommittee enjoys a balanced geographic representation. Clearly, interest in the advancement of the field of regional anaesthesia is the common denominator.

The subcommittee members:

Eric Albrecht, Attending Anaesthetist at the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland; Programme Director of Regional Anaesthesia. He is the main author of a book on ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia and another one on chronic pain medicine, both published by Elsevier-Masson in French. His field of research includes meta-analyses and prospective trials on acute postoperative pain, regional procedures, and complications after peripheral nerve blocks.

Gabriella Iohom, Consultant Anaesthetist and Senior Lecturer at Cork University Hospital and University College Cork in Ireland. Her interests lie with teaching and assessing procedural skills as well as the role of regional techniques in the management of postoperative pain and prevention of persistent post-surgical pain. She is also the chairperson of the ESA Focus Meeting November 2017 in Tel-Aviv, an event dedicated to the field of regional anaesthesia in the perioperative setting.

Philipp Lirk, Attending Anaesthetist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, United States of America. His research focuses on the pharmacology and toxicology of local anaesthetics and their application in Regional Anaesthesia.

Luc Sermeus, Attending Anaesthetist at the Antwerp University Hospital and consultant at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. His clinical expertise focuses on Regional Anaesthesia with ultrasound for peripheral nerve blocks as well as neuraxial blocks. His field of research (PhD) includes Peripheral Nerve Blocks with Ultrasound and the Neurosensory Effects of Local Anaesthetics.

You are encouraged to take an active part in the work of this subcommittee by:

  1. Applying to become a member or chair when a vacancy arises, or by
  2. Simply submitting a formal proposal to the ESA for a topic of discussion at one of the next Euroanaesthesia.

We are all really looking forward to engaging with you!