Annual report – Scientific Subcommittee 12: Transfusion, Haemostasis and Coagulation

Annual report – Scientific Subcommittee 12: Transfusion, Haemostasis and Coagulation

  • Issue 79

Christian von Heymann

The Scientific Subcommittee (SSC) 12 on Transfusion, Haemostasis and Thrombosis of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) consists of 4 members (including the speaker). The current members are Dr. Christa Boer, Professor of Anaesthesiology at the Amsterdam UMC, VU Universityin the Netherlands, Dr. Christian Fenger-Eriksen, PhD, Consultant in Anaesthesiology at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, who is the past speaker of this subcommittee, Dr. Pierre Albaladejo, Professor of Anaesthesiology at the University Hospital of Grenoble in France, who will start his member term at January 1, 2020 and Dr. Christian von Heymann, Professor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine and Head of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the Vivantes Klinikum im Friedrichshain, Teaching Hospital of the Charité-University Hospital in Berlin in Germany who is the current speaker of the subcommittee and author of this article.

All of us have a special clinical and or research interest in the issues of perioperative haemotherapy, management of bleeding, prevention of perioperative bleeding and thrombosis as well as care of the patient with thrombotic or bleeding disorders. Hence, we see the mission of our subcommittee to broaden the knowledge of European anaesthesiologists in the fields of perioperative transfusion medicine, haemostasis and thrombosis. These issues have evolved over the last decades – just imagine how many patients scheduled for surgery are on antiplatelet medication or anticoagulants – and have obtained an increasing importance for the daily practice of anaesthesiologists worldwide.

The activities of our subcommittee are manifold: first of all our subcommittee regularly develops several session proposals for the program committee of the annual EUROANAESTHESIA meeting in order to offer up-to-date educational sessions and state of the art lectures in the field of patient blood management, treatment of perioperative bleeding and prevention of postoperative thrombosis to the participants.

An important achievement for the worldwide distribution of the patient-centred, resource sparing concept of patient blood management was the publication of  the textbook “Patient Blood Management in Cardiac Surgery” in May this year that was edited and in part written by Christa Boer and Christian von Heymann.

A couple of years ago the SSC 12 introduced under the lead of Christian Fenger-Eriksen a new cornerstone of its educational activities with the pre congress course ”Management of the Bleeding Patient“, which is a 6-hour interactive learning course completely devoted to the pathophysiology and management of bleeding, perioperative monitoring of the coagulation system and the care of patients on anticoagulants and/or antithrombotics. This course comprises classical lectures, case presentations and discussions as well as hands on presentations of point of care coagulation monitoring devices. This course is recommended to all colleagues with a special interest in patient blood management, the perioperative monitoring and management of bleeding patients (e.g. vascular and cardiac surgery) and the care of patients with certain thrombophilic or bleeding disorders.

Further activities of our subcommittee extend to the collaboration with the ESA guideline committee to develop evidence-based recommendations for the perioperative care for patients on anticoagulants/antithrombotics planned for neuraxial or peripheral nerve blocks. The development of this guideline is ongoing and will update existing national guidelines with a special focus on the perianaesthetic management of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs).

A further guideline project was developed by our subcommittee and will develop recommendations for the haemostatic treatment of bleedings caused by direct oral anticoagulants. As DOACs are the recommended anticoagulant therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation now and their use is increasing worldwide, anaesthesiologists and intensive care physicians need evidence based treatment algorithms on how to effectively and safely use direct antidotes to DOACs, coagulation factor concentrates and other treatment options in case of severe or life-threatening bleeding.

Apart from these ongoing educational and guideline activities supported or guided by our subcommittee, we serve as a group of experts in the field of transfusion, haemostasis and thrombosis issues to the ESA headquarters, the board of directors, all other scientific subcommittees and each ESA member. Therefore, we welcome any question you may have and that is related to our field of clinical and scientific expertise. You may either send us an e-mail via the ESA headquarters or directly to:

Christian von Heymann on behalf of all members of ESA Scientific Subcommittee 12 on Transfusion, Haemostasis and Thrombosis