EDAIC 2018 Report

EDAIC 2018 Report

  • issue 77

Andrey Varvinskiy

Dr Andrey Varvinskiy, Chair of the Examinations Committee

Dr Andrey Varvinskiy (UK) became Chairman of the Examinations Committee on 1st January 2018.

The main trend of 2018 is that EDAIC continues to grow: in numbers of examination centres for OLA, Part I and Part II, in numbers of examiners and candidates. The Examinations Department at the ESA has also appointed more staff in order to support the Examinations Committee (EC) under the watchful eye of Mr Hugues Scipioni. EC is really grateful for such marvelous support, without which the EDAIC simply could not exist.

The OLA Subcommittee continues to be chaired by Dr Armen Varosyan with Dr Nicolas Brogly as his deputy. Part I is chaired by Professor Wolfram Engelhardt and in 2018 Krisztina Madách was appointed as his deputy. Part II is chaired by Dr Mario Zerafa and his deputy is Dr Else-Marie Ringvold.

What have been our achievements and developments in 2018?

The OLA exam was hosted in more centres than ever before – 120 (96 in 2017) in 27 countries across the world. A total of 1376 candidates took the assessment, beating the last record of 1158 candidates in 2016. China supported the OLA for another year in 2018.

The popularity of this online examination format has convinced us to strengthen our efforts to bring the Part I examination into the digital age, with eight centres in seven countries in 2018: Yerevan in Armenia, Freiburg and Hamburg in Germany, Jakarta in Indonesia, Cork in Ireland, Msida in Malta, Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and Ankara in Turkey. These centres were provided with hard copies of the Part I examination papers in case of Internet connectivity failure but none were needed! Unlike the OLA, the online version of the EDAIC Part I was split into two sessions to fit the organisation of the paper version. All these centres used hardware provided by the centre, rather than candidates’ own laptops as is the case in OLA. At present there is still discussion over the future of the ITA and ideally it would be replaced by OLA, but there are arguments for running it alongside the EDAIC Part I, with few countries extensively using this kind of knowledge assessment. For 2019 there will be no change and ITA will continue as at present.

The Part I Examination was held in 71 centres (65 in 2017), in 38 countries, by 2524 candidates. We were delighted to open three new centres in Germany (Erlangen, Freiburg, and Hamburg). We also improved our offer in terms of centres in Spain with a new centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was impeccably coordinated by the local team. With the support of Prof. Luca Brazzi, who was a member of the Examinations Subcommittee Part I for 10 years, Dr Gabriele Sales also opened a centre in Turin, increasing the number of Italian centres to four. A growing number of non-European countries continue to support our examination. We have opened a new centre in India in Guntur (Andhra Pradesh state), which was sold out on the first day of registration! We continue to build our relationship with Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Oman. On this occasion and on behalf of the Examinations Committee, I would like to profusely thank the Hosts of all new and established EDAIC centres who always do their best to coordinate the examination in excellent conditions. EDAIC Hosts are key to the stability and smoothness of our examinations all around the world. Many thanks to all of them!

Dr Vengamamba Thummala, EDAIC Part I Host in Guntur, India.


Dr Saint Pierre, EDAIC Part I Host in Erlangen, Germany.


Torsten Loop, EDAIC Part I Host in Freiburg, Germany.


Dr Christian Zoellner, EDAIC Part I Host in Hamburg, Germany.


Dr Luis Santana, EDAIC Part I Host in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.


Dr Gabriele Sales, EDAIC Part I Host in Turin, Italy.

The Examinations Committee is very happy to announce that in June 2018, an agreement was signed between the ESA and the Asociación de Anestesia Analgesia y Reanimación de Buenos Aires, formalizing that the EDAIC Part I is adopted as the final examination for Anaesthetic specialty in Argentina.

Signing of the Agreement between the ESA and the Asociación de Anestesia Analgesia y Reanimación de Buenos Aires by Prof. Stefan De Hert,Dr Andrey Varvinskiy, Dr Daniel Marcelo Campos, Dr Zeev Goldik, & Dr Josef Wichelewski.

The Finnish authorities have also officially recognised the EDAIC as equivalent to the Finnish national specialist examination.

The candidate who scores the highest combined mark in the Part I Examination is awarded the John Zorab Prize. I am delighted to announce that this year’s winner is Dr Matthias Kainz, who is currently working as a Resident Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist at theDepartment of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine at the Vienna General Hospital.He is of Austrian nationality and currently finishing his residency at the Medical University of Vienna. Many congratulations Dr Kainz; we look forward to seeing you at the Diplomates’ Ceremony at the Annual Congress in Vienna in 2019.

Dr Matthias Kainz, winner of John Zorab Prize

There were 15 Part II centres in 2018 and the majority were fully booked; 989 registrations were made and in total we examined 780 candidates.

For the first time, the Part II examination took place outside Europe, in São Paulo, Brazil, right after the Paulista Congress of Anaesthesiology (COPA). We are delighted to work with our enthusiastic Brazilian colleagues on this project, which will be repeated in 2019 as it was as successful as we expected.

What will 2019 bring?

Registration for OLA 2019 closed on 20 February 2019; 1680 candidates registered to sit OLA in 2019. Candidates could choose between 142 centres in 39 countries, including new centres in Tartu, Estonia; Timisoara, Romania; Taipei, Taiwan; Tathleet, Saudi Arabia; and Sharjah, UAE.

I would particularly like to mention the co-operation between Romanian and Moldavian Societies in supporting Moldavian candidates to sit OLA. This is a great initiative and the full credit goes to Prof. Serban Bubenek, Prof. Serghei Sandru, Dr Ruslan Baltaga, and Dr Svetlana Plamadeala for making this arrangement possible.

Registration for Part I 2019 will open in March 2019. Candidates will be able to present the examination in at least five new centres: Minsk in Belarus, Kaunas in Lithuania, Kosice in Slovakia, Odessa in Ukraine, and Abu Dhabi in UAE. A very warm thank you to the new hosts who have decided to join ESA in the great EDAIC adventure!

As has been announced on the ESA website, Registration for Part II EDAIC 2019 opened in December 2018. We are pleased to report that once again a record number of candidates (1165) have registered for 15 EDAIC Part II centres. The registration is now closed with all the centres at full capacity. Other exciting news is the introduction of Portuguese language for the Part II.

For examiners, we hope to introduce examiner training with online modules to complete for both new and experienced examiners. Dr Jörg Brederlau was appointed within the EDAIC Part II Subcommittee to give continuous feedback on the examiners’ performance: Are you a hawk or a dove? How do you compare with your fellow examiners?

Also, we are going to fully switch to a new marking system for EDAIC Part II that was run in parallel with the old marking system in 2018 and that will require a new approach from all examiners. This system was presented at the Examiners Training Workshop in 2018 in Copenhagen and will be incorporated into examiners training.

I would like to conclude that the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care is in great shape and continues to grow year by year, covering most of the European countries. It gains more and more recognition, on a par with many national examinations, and began to venture well outside Europe. Unlike many other postgraduate examinations, one of the strengths of the EDAIC is the multi-language approach, offering 11 languages for Part I and 6 languages for Part II. I wish everyone involved in any part of the EDAIC in 2019 in any capacity the best of luck and all the success imaginable!