A report from the Belgian Anaesthesia Trainees program

A report from the Belgian Anaesthesia Trainees program

  • Issue 80

Kristof Nijs
President BAT

We have the honour to present to you our national anaesthesia trainee organisation, the BAT (Belgian Anesthesia Trainees). The BAT is an independent organisation that represents the interests of the Belgian anaesthesia trainees. It was officially founded in 2018 and the BAT board consists solely of anaesthesia trainees from the different Belgian universities.

Our aim is to provide a platform of communication and information about all matters concerning Belgian anaesthesia training. This takes place at several levels nationwide. Currently we have BAT representatives in all the different anaesthesia societies in Belgium, which facilitates a great opportunity to help shape our anaesthesia training according to the needs of the Belgian trainees.

Becoming a BAT member offers even some more advantages.We therefore invite all anaesthetists in Belgium to invite their residents to join the BAT.

We connect with our members through different media such as our BAT website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There we share topics of interest with our members. We have a special PubMed Monday section, in which we weekly select one interesting scientific article for trainees. Our monthly newsletter keeps our members up to date on upcoming events.

One of our other goals is improving education. We plan to offer classes, e-learning, tools and extra guidance on exams, which we hope will improve success in accomplishing the anaesthesia-training curriculum. We want to centralise the knowledge of Belgian anaesthesia trainees in one place, where it is readily available for all trainees through a login at our website. We also strongly recommend the ESA academy to our members.

By joining the BAT, Belgian anaesthesia trainees will get the opportunity to follow free workshops and simulation courses. They can expand their personal network and join the different anesthesia societies at reduced prices. More details on all the advantages of being a BAT member can be found on our website.

To all Belgian anaesthesia trainees: join the BAT!

Belgian Anaesthesia Trainees