Pre-congress European Trauma Course in London

Pre-congress European Trauma Course in London

  • Issue 65

Karl Thies
On behalf of SSC10 Critical Emergency Medicine – Trauma and Resuscitation

The European Trauma Course in London, held as a pre-congress event, was a huge success. Twenty-four candidates from all over Europe from all major specialties were taken through 30 trauma admission scenarios. The whole organisation was spotless thanks to Philippa Newman and her professional team from GAPS, the Sim Centre at St. George’s University Hospital, one of London’s major trauma centres.

All candidates had a great experience as evidenced by the qualitative and quantitative candidate feedback collected anonymously after the course (Figures 1 and 2).

fig1-Feedback scores

Figure 1. Feedback scores (mean) for each workshop.


fig2-written feedback wordcloud

Figure 2. Complete written feedback presented in a word cloud.

My special thanks go to our highly experienced international and multi-disciplinary faculty that worked tremendously hard to the highest standards to make this happen.

Well done all!

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