One team to serve our members!

One team to serve our members!

  • Issue 62

Marc Gheeraert | ESA Executive Manager


In 10 years, the ESA has grown to be a globally recognised authority in all fields of anaesthesiology and intensive care. The Society’s primary mission is to improve patient safety and care through education, training and research. Today, the ESA has over 25,000 individual members, 39 national societies and 9 specialist societies. Fulfilling the society’s aim, carrying out its mission involves over 120 anaesthesiologists from the whole of Europe who dedicate their time on a voluntary basis to establishing and running ESA activities and projects from the highly acclaimed and long standing European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (EDAIC), publishing of European guidelines, support of trainees, programmes to improve individual careers to the very successful Clinical Trial Network and of course the leading anaesthesiology congress Euroanaethesia. Taking European expertise beyond Europe, sharing knowledge and information with non-European societies is part of the mission to advance anaesthesiology worldwide and we are gradually establishing Memorandum of Understanding with leading sister societies to define and make official areas of cooperation.

The coordination and administration of these activities is managed by a professional and committed team of 25 members of staff at the ESA Secretariat in Brussels. The secretariat has been reorganised in recent months to broadly reflect the 6 main fields of ESA activities.

  • Membership and registration
  • Education and Training
  • Research
  • Scientific Affairs and Patient Safety
  • External Relations and Communication
  • Events

The renewed structure will increase the efficiency and quality of the support and service to our members, provide you with extensive material about our society, and improve communication and dissemination of information to and from our members, between committees, the ESA Board and Council. Please check out the organisational chart on the website and don’t hesitate to contact us.

To ease and simplify contact with the ESA Board and Council members, new email addresses have been created. Please check out the new Board contact addresses. To help you contact your national representatives and for Council and NASC representatives to exchange easily with their national ESA members each position has a generic email address and Emails will be automatically redirected to the addressees and will ensure smooth and continuous communication between elected representatives and members.