Minutes of the 2017 ESA General Assembly

Minutes of the 2017 ESA General Assembly

The General Assembly of the ESA took place in Palexpo Geneva, Switzerl and on Sunday 4 June 2017 during Euroanaesthesia. The meeting was chaired by ESA President Zeev Goldik.

1) Welcome and approval of the minutes of the 2016 General Assembly

The President welcomed all attendees. The General Assembly approved the minutes of the 2016 General Assembly: 97% voted in favor and 3% against, or 60 vs 2.

2) President’s Report – Zeev Goldik

The president announced

  • the new Board members
    – Secretary: Radmilo Jankovic
    – Treasurer: Josef Wichelewski (re-election)
    Chair Scientific Committee: Andreas Hoeft
  • the new Council members, starting 1 April 2017

The President gave an overview of the achievements since last General Assembly.

a) Research Committee

  • ESA Research team reinforced and QMS implemented
  • ESA Research Grants 2017: 78 applications received
  • ESA Grants supported by unrestricted research grant from -Industry 2017: 37 applications received
  • Mentorship Programme: 37 eligible colleagues applied for the mentorship programme as mentees and 15 as mentors

b) Academic –Contract Research Organisation

  • PHOENICS: Prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blind, multi-centre, multinational study on the safety and efficacy of a 6% Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) sOlution versus an Electrolyte solution In patients undergoing eleCtive abdominal Surgery
  • TETHYS: PragmaTic, prospEctive, randomized, controlled, double-blind, mulTi-centre, multinational study on the safety and efficacy of a 6% HydroxY ethyl Starch (HES) solution versus an electrolyte solution in trauma patients

c) e-Learning

  • New Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Industry cooperation with unrestricted grants
    – 5 modules with CME/CPD credit on patient safety selected
    – 5 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are in production
  • Virtual simulation courses. 5 scenarios have been submitted
  • Webinars work in progress. The first webinar will start at the end of 2017

d) Trainee

  • Social Networks (Yasemin Dark, Mihai Stefan and Michela Rauseo)
    – Domain creation: facebook.com/ESATraineeNetwork
    Facebook Group 193 members
    Page 439 followers
    LinkedIn Group 348 members
  • European Trainee Sections (Gustavo Norte, Anne Blank and Bernardo Matias)
  • Education (MatijaMajic, Diogo Sobreira Fernandes and Liana Valeanu)

e) Media

  • Appointment of Jamal Bouhbouh as Creative Designer
  • New Branding company selected IWWU (If We Were You)
  • Appointment of Isabelle Bikart in Media Committee, advisor to the Committee
  • Newsletter (articles from members are always welcome)
    – Digital format
    – Five issues per year

f) Examination

  • Part I examination: 2572 candidates in 59 centres
  • The Part II examination: 993 candidates applied
  • OLA: Took place on April 7th in more than 90 centres around the world

g) Guidelines

  • Finalised
    – Postoperative Delirium Guideline
    – Update of Guideline on perioperative bleeding
    – Guideline on adult procedural sedation
    – Guideline on thromboembolism
  • Work in progress
    – Pre op evaluation task force
    – Task force on use of ultrasound
    – Guideline on “Cardiac Arrest in the Operating Room”
    – Guideline on “Non-invasive respiratory support for the hypoxaemic patient”

h) Patient Safety

  • Helsinki Declaration Follow up (HD-FU): ESA Industry Partners, Nihon Kohden, Masimo, Philips & Fresenius Kabi have agreed to support this project.
  • PSQ Masterclass in Madrid (next in Bologna)
  • ASA-ESA International Forum on Perioperative Safety and Quality (IFPSQ) in Boston 2017 & Copenhagen 2018
  • Standardising Cardiac Arrest Call Numbers to 2222, joint initiative with EBA

i) TEP

  • 12 fellows/year for a grant of 8000 Euros/fellowship
  • Host centre mentor receives a free congress fee and a lump sum of 600 Euros for travel
  • Increase in TEP applications (78 vs 58 last year)

j) EJA

  • Publication of one issue each month
  • Increasing Impact Factor to 3.64
  • Global 6th Journal in Anaesthesiology literature

k) Congresses

  • Euroanaesthesia 17 Geneva
    – 1285 abstracts accepted after evaluation
    – 126 e-poster presentation sessions with 1168 posters and 991 presenters
    – 130 scientific sessions organised by ESA
    – 15 Guest Sessions
    – 15 Pre-congress courses, of which 6 new ones
    – 28 Workshops
    – 252 chairs and co-chairs
    – 463 invited speakers
    – 85 business meetings
  • Focus Meeting Lisbon 2016
    – Total Registrations: 571
    – 21 sessions: 3 lectures, 10 symposia, 6 refresher courses, 1 pro-con debate, 1 problem-based discussion
    – 48 Faculty Members have been invited and the meeting has been accredited with 9 CME
  • Focus Meeting Tel Aviv 2017
    – 4 lectures
    – 9 symposia
    – 6 pro-con debates
    – 6 refresher courses
    – Workshops on Regional Anaesthesia
    – Virtual Simulation

Performance Summary :

  • Transparent and clear cut audited management of finances
  • Carefully planned income of more than 15 million Euros for next 4 years
  • Highest partners’ support ever (more than 20 industrial partners)
  • New Learning Management System
  • New Management & Accounting systems
  • Clinical Trial Network of more than 800 hospitals
  • Guidelines Committee producing high-quality clinical guidelines published in the best medical journals
  • European Journal with increasing impact factor
    EDAIC: most developed and leading global European Diploma

3) Secretary’s report – Jannicke Mellin-Olsen

The Secretary gives an overview of the Council meetings and the ESA membership

  • Council Meeting 18/11/2016
    – Presentation of last term’s achievements & activities and future projects & activities of the Board and other Committees
    – Secretary report including:

    • Membership and Congress figures,
    • Employee satisfaction survey within the Secretariat
    • Update on the Aladdin (database) project
    • Election Non-Officer Board member
    • Bylaws TF update & discussion: Board & Officer elections, Council voting and bylaws amendments
  • Council meeting 02/06/2017
    – Reports from President, Secretary, Treasurer, EBA Chair and NASC Chair
    – ESA Board elections : Secretary and Treasurer
    – By-laws amendments discussion
    – Presentation ESA Trainee Committee
  • Membership:

  • Euroanaesthesia registration:

4) NASC Activities – Dan Longrois

  • Participation in Board, Council meetings, By-laws tasks force, the EBA-initiated publication of anaesthetic drug safety, Guidelines Committee and the Patient Safety and Quality of Care Committee (PSQC)
  • NASC meetings in Lisbon November 2016, Geneva June 2017and NASC session at Euroanaesthesia 2017
  • Participation to the European Critical Care Foundation where D. Longrois represents the ESA
  • The Euroanaesthesia 2017 National Village organised on Perioperative Medicine.
  • 20 National Societies are participating in the National Village
  • Finalisation of the first PARH (Practice Abroad and Return Home) project between Moldova and Romania. 10 residents have been selected
  • Financial support for set-up of Serbian society’s online journal
  • Young Teaching Recognition Award – new format focusing on annual topic
  • Teach the Teacher Course in Crete October 2017 & Belgrade, April 2018

5) Treasurer’s Report – Josef Wichelewski

The Treasurer and ESA Finance Manager, Ilse Decraen, presented the ESA 2016 annual accounts prepared in accordance with the Belgian Law Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and audited by VRC. The Balance sheet on 31st Dec. 2016, the profit & loss and the notes to the accounts were presented by the VRC auditor, Mr Andre Geeroms. He stated that the accounts were a true and fair view of the operational activities and that the accounts were done in an adequate way and in line with the non-profit law.

The ESA Treasurer also presented the 2017 budget and thanked the ESA staff.

The ESA 2016 Annual Accounts were approved: 97% voted in favour and 3% against, or 60 vs 2.

The 2017 Budget was unanimously approved: 100%, or 61, voted in favour.

The Board of Directors, Officers and Auditors were relieved from their liability for the ESA 2016 accounts: 93% voted in favour and 7% against, or 51 vs 4.

6) By-laws Amendments – Daniela Filipescu, Chair of the By-laws Task Force

  • Work plan 2015 – 2017
    – Consult lawyers to see what we need to change
    – Selection of articles to change in 2016 (small/urgent changes) and 2017 (“complex changes”)
    – Council and NASC consultation
    – Finalise vision, mission & strategy of the ESA
    – Large consultation (survey to members in spring 2016)
    – GA 2016 approval of urgent changes
    – Consult lawyers to see how to make the bylaws more flexible
    – Council and NASC consultation
    – Final proposal sent to all members
    – Final amendments submitted to GA approval in 2017
  • Summary of proposed changes to the By-laws (Proposal by task force, reviewed by legal counsel and approved by Board and Council. Details have been shared by email to all members and are available on the ESA website)
    Updated definition of anaesthesiology (art .2)
    – Update of ESA’s objectives and activities (art.2 & 3)
    – Clear definition of Europe, European countries, European // keep WHO definition (art.1.3 )
    – Definition of European Trainee Members (art.4.7.2)
    – Revisions in relation to Personal Membership (art.4) and Society Membership (art. 5), including
    – Member requirement: “working professionally” vs. “residing” in a country (art. 4.1. and
    – Extension of Registered Non-Physician Health Professional to non-European individuals (art. 4.1.5)
    – Changes to annual membership fees determined by the Board of Directors, amending the role of the General Assembly (art. 4.3.1 & 5.4.1)
    – Rationalisation of majority requirements (art. & related)
    – Increased flexibility for Council and Board meetings by using electronic methods of communication (art. 6.4.f. and 7.5.6.)
    – Board duties amended (art. 7.2.)
    – Board election process unified (art. 7.3.)
    – Term of office of the Board members amended to allow the Past President to complete the term (art. 7.4.6.)
    – Revisions in relation to Committees (art. 10) and representation in case of litigation (art.11)
    – Omission of sections that are not required or without added value (art. 11.2., 11.3. and 15)
    – Minor updates throughout
  • All amendments were approved with > 80% “Yes for the change” votes:
    – 1.3 and 4.7.2 : Definition of European country and European Trainee members
    (Related articles: 2, 3, 4.1.1, 5.2.2, 6.1.1,,,, 8.1, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6.1, 12 and 14)
    – 2 and 3: Objectives and Activities
    – 4.1 and “Resides” replaced by “working professionally”
    – 4.3.1 and 5.4: Membership annual fees are determined by the Board of Directors
    – 4 and 5: Rationalisation of Personal and Society Membership, including extension of Registered Non-Physician Health Professional to non-European individual
    – 6.4.f and 7.5.6: Modern meeting methods for Council and Board of Directors
    – 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.6: Board of Directors – changes regarding simultaneous roles, election process and Past President term of office
    – 10 and 11: Rationalisation of Committees and representation
    – Minor updates throughout, incl. art. 1, 1, 6.2, 6.3, 7, 8, 9, 9 Bis and 12 and omission of art. 11.2, 11.3 and 15

7) Election of 3 new members to the Nominations Committee.

All candidates made a presentation and all 4 were elected:

  • Idit Matot, Israel
  • Thomas Fuchs-Buder, France
  • Robert Sneyd, UK
  • Robert Hahn, Sweden

8) Any other business


9) Next General Assembly will be held in Copenhagen on Sunday, 3rd June 2018