The Masterclass – new course

The Masterclass – new course

  • Issue 73

Tatiana Sidiropoulou

I was very happy to attend the Masterclass in Statistics held in Barcelona this March. The course was held in the Facultad Di Medicina, a place with interesting ambiance and the perfect surroundings for this Masterclass.

This 3-day course is designed as an introduction to medical statistics starting from the fundamental principles and also covering more advanced concepts. The programme is divided to theoretical lectures and practical workshops.

We were 25 students from all over Europe of all ages with the same aim, to deepen our knowledge of Medical Statistics. The speakers, Sergi Sabaté and Malachy Columb, immediately broke the ice among all of us. We were seated in working groups of 5, which facilitated cooperation during the exercise sessions. We all had our laptop computers plugged in and Wi-Fi was available if needed. All sessions were engaging and notions were delivered in an easy to understand manner. Questions were answered comprehensively.

This course is, quite literally, for everyone. The course assumes very little background knowledge in statistics; so, if you think you can’t learn statistics, this course is for you. If you had a statistics course before but feel like you need a refresher, this course is for you. Even if you are a relatively advanced researcher or analyst, this course provides a foundation and a context that helps to put one’s work into perspective.

I highly recommend this Masterclass to any anaesthesiologist wishing to expand their understanding of statistics either to engage in research projects or to better understand scientific literature.

The next Masterclass in Statistics and Research Methodology will take place 27 February–1 March in Katowice, Poland. For more information: