We lost a partner and a friend of the Newsletter

We lost a partner and a friend of the Newsletter

  • Issue 78

Gabriel M. Gurman, MD
Chief editor

She was a true professional partner and, in these last years, a very close person to the ESA Newsletter and its editorial board.

Dr Edna M. Oxman passed away last month, after a long period of suffering.

She was aware of her critical condition from the very first moment, but hoped to be able to recover and go on with her position, as the English editor of our Newsletter.

I met Edna some 20 years ago, immediately after her decision to emigrate to Israel. In the United States she was a very reputed specialist in the field of pain management, with a vivid interest in Oriental medicine and skills in the domain of acupuncture.

This fact led her in the search for a place to work, but she understood pretty soon that the best way to use her special intellectual capacity was in the field of professional editing.

In Israel, Edna found her place and enjoyed her move. She had her cats, a (very) few close friends – and her ever-evolving garden…

Edna possessed an exceptionally high command of English, her maternal language, but also had a very critical and professional eye, which helped her to accomplish the editorial tasks she undertook during the last two decades.

The Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva , Israel, was happy from the very first moment to offer her the position of Copy Editor of the Research studies,a publication edited by its Research Center, and very soon she took the job of English secretary of the department of Public Affairs.

I remembered Dr. Oxman the moment our Newsletter was looking for an English editor. I visited her in her modest apartment, not far away from my house.

I was surprised by her eagerness to become a member of our editorial board, but I understood on the spot that the ESA Newsletter was a publication very close to her professional knowledge and that her expertise would help us not only because she would edit the texts of all our material, but also because she would be able to offer a professional opinion anytime it was needed.

Indeed, this was the way we worked together in these last years.

Edna was a very disciplined worker: everything was delivered in time, everything was done professionally, all the changes explained and documented.

She would check every single reference and include the correct data in every single paper.

I do not remember any situation in which we needed to question the changes she had made in the texts sent to her. For us she was the ultimate expert.

I know, nobody is irreplaceable, but our editorial board will miss her and her devoted activity.

By losing Edna, I lost a true partner and a friend.