Letter to the Editor

  • Issue 61

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your insight, and inspiring and thought provoking words in the last Newsletter regarding our education in Anesthesiology, continuing on from your previous work and lectures.

As a successful 2014 ESA diplomate I agree that unifying the examination is only one step on the way of improving education in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care around Europe.

In my opinion there should be European centres at least in some university hospitals to provide universal core training in major domains of our specialty, unified preclinical courses (basic sciences, ESA Guidelines, crisis management, simulation, social media in medicine to cut down the knowledge transition), a few weeks of unified, obligatory training in the OR and ITU – all must be endorsed by national societies.

EDAIC is definitely a good start and was a step in the right direction, educating future clinical teachers and specialists to pass on the core knowledge in a unified way is the key point but will be difficult to achieve without endorsement and feedback from national societies.

I strongly believe that in time our way of educating trainees will be more universal. Keeping a smartphone or a tablet in hand connects us with millions of publications, thousands of physicians and teachers willing to share their knowledge. This tool could also contribute to unifying the approach regarding education.

Thank you for all the good work.

Best regards,

Dominik Daszuta