Interview with Dr. Claudia Marquez Simoes

Interview with Dr. Claudia Marquez Simoes

  • Issue 65

Dr. Claudia Marquez Simoes, Sao Paolo, Brazil, from the Sao Paolo State Society of Anaesthesiology (SAESP), attended Euroanaesthesia, London, May 2016.
She was very kind to answer some questions related to this event and the continuation of the relations between the two societies.

What are your impressions after taking part in our congress in London?

Euroanaesthesia is always an amazing congress for our specialty. I’ve had the privilege of attending Euroanaesthesia in the last years and I am always impressed by the program content, the scientific standard, the quality of the lectures and discussions, as well as the presented abstracts. There is a great atmosphere in the whole event also, making it even more attractive.

Another impressive characteristic is the opportunity to discuss so many different realities from so many countries in one congress; this makes the event very unique and interesting.

During the congress did you find any points of common interest for your Society and ESA (scientific, organizational, etc.)?

Yes, for sure! Since last year, we have been working together to establish a program for international scientific and educational exchange and each time I go to Euroanaesthesia I come back to Brazil with new ideas. We are working to develop some guidelines to help our physicians and hospitals in my country. I´ve attended some sessions focusing on creating professional guidelines in Europe too, and it would be very interesting if we could join some initiatives and ideas, because many challenges presented in some lectures also occur in Brazil, so there are some points of convergence, despite the geographic distance.

We are also trying to build in São Paulo a clinical network and are trying to follow ESA’s steps in such a successful program.

Regarding organizational issues, Andrè Maciel, our executive manager from São Paulo State Society of Anesthesiology got in touch with ESA executives and other partner societies and they were able to exchange experiences and programs regarding events and daily activities of their Societies. I consider such network activities also very valuable for us.

Do you see any differences between the way we practice and organize anaesthesia and related fields in Europe and the way you do in your own country?

Brazil is a very large country with many different states and very different working conditions and characteristics. This reality is somehow similar to that of many countries all around Europe.

Speaking about our Society, we have a similar kind of organization of the anaesthesia-related fields. We also have similar committees and specialized groups in both the São Paulo (regional) and the Brazilian (national) societies.

Any thoughts regarding future cooperation between our Societies?

Certainly Some initiatives just started in 2016 and I´m sure there is a lot more to be done. We are looking forward to getting the OLA and EDAIC results from the 2016 examinations in order to try to improve our educational programs with ESA’s help and collaboration. We were very happy to have 127 registrations for EDAIC part I in Brazil for the 2016 examination. For the first year in four Brazilian centres (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, and Fortaleza) the number of registrations was quite impressive. It reflects the desire for evaluations with feedback and the possibility of international benchmarking.

Our Society also acts to improve safety issues for our patients. As a result of a partnership with the anaesthesia quality institute, SAESP developed an incident report system called SRIA, available for smartphones. We hope to study these reports and develop some orientation materials to learn from all these spontaneously reported events. It would be very nice if in the future we could have some comparison of the different reports and results from different countries with similar systems.

We also want to improve our distance-learning materials and maybe we could also share some of our educational materials in Portuguese-speaking countries of ESA. ESA and SAESP signed a memorandum of understanding in 2015 and we believe that this was the first step to many actions that can be done together.

Do you plan to take part in our next congress next May in Geneva?

For sure! I´m looking forward to meeting you in Geneva with great expectations for a wonderful congress. If possible, we would like to again have a Brazilian Symposium in the scientific programme, as we did in London. We also expect to have an ESA symposium in 2017 in COPA, our regional anaesthesia congress in São Paulo.