Hospitals invited to contribute to new pain research project

Hospitals invited to contribute to new pain research project

Interested colleagues are kindly invited to join the PROMPT-meeting at Euroanaesthesia in Copenhagen on Sunday, 03 June 2018 from 11:30 h to 13:00 h in meeting room 20.

“IMI-PainCare: Improving the Care of Patients Suffering from Acute or Chronic Pain” is a new research project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. 40 project partners from 14 countries, including the European Society of Anaesthesiology, form a public-private partnership in order to address major challenges in the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

Within the subproject PROMPT, standards for assessing the quality of pain management from the patient’s point of view will be identified and evaluated. To reach this objective, PROMPT will set up a cohort of 4,000 surgical patients and follow-up them until 6 months after surgery. They will be asked about their pain perception and their quality of life, using a core set of patient-reported outcome measures. By these means, PROMPT aims at identifying meaningful pain assessment tools to be used in RCTs as well as in clinical routine, and to detect patients who are at risk of developing chronic pain. The PROMPT project works in close cooperation with ESA’s PAIN OUT research group.


  • Type of study: Non-interventional, prospective data collection of different patient reported outcome measures in the field of postoperative pain
  • Study population: Patients who underwent one of the following surgeries: total knee replacement, sternotomy, breast surgery or surgery for endometriosis
  • Start: January 2019
  • Follow up: 6 Months after surgery
  • Study duration: 24 months
  • Funding: Remuneration per complete dataset to cover personnel costs for data collection
  • Support: Training and monitoring of data collecting staff will be provided

Hospitals that are interested in contributing to this data collection are invited to contact the project coordinator, Prof. Winfried Meissner, at Jena University Hospital ( or for further information.