Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President

  • Issue 63

Zeev Goldik | ESA President

This is the first time that I address you as ESA president, after chairing the Examinations Committee of the EDAIC (European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care) for the last ten years.

Anaesthesiology is not a ‘manuality’. It’s a science. It’s not about intubating or putting in a central venous line. It is clinical practice, education, research. It’s not only about putting the patient to sleep and waking him up. It’s performing perioperative medicine, accompanying the whole process: assessing the patient’s condition before, during, and after surgery. It is patient management, even outside the operating room.

It is also intensive care, trauma, pain management and emergency medicine. It is taking care of the patient in almost every single corner of a hospital.

I doubt any other medical discipline is so multifaceted, integrative, attractive and full of challenges.
It’s the beauty of feeling autonomous in our decisions piloting anaesthesia and patient management, and at the same time being part of a team with our partners, first of all the surgeons, in our daily work.

It is the role of the ESA to cover and to deal with all these aspects of our professional activities, harmonising contents, assuring quality of care and patient safety.
After visiting most European countries all these years I was impressed by the devotion of colleagues working sometimes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in difficult conditions. I admired my colleagues and friends, whose salaries dropped up to 30 percent in some countries, and who continued day and night working voluntarily in their hospitals and universities, full of enthusiasm and energy.

It is for them as well that ESA has to work hard, supporting their scientific and educational activities.

In the last years we created a very important net of activities, which includes Continuing Medical Education, Masterclasses, Trainee Exchange Programme, Hospital Visiting Program, e-learning, and a variety of assessment modalities like the EDAIC in Training and On-Line Assessment.

Important lecturers from all over the continent participate not only at our main congresses, the annual Euroanaesthesia Congress and the Focus meeting, but also enrich other national anaesthesia meetings in Europe, especially in remote locations.

The amazing voluntary work of our colleagues, all over the continent, is supported and complemented by an efficient and professional ESA headquarters staff.

I would like to thank Daniela Filipescu, the immediate Past President, for her dedication and continuous work, conducting the ESA Board’s decisions in difficult times.

I am grateful to my colleagues of the Examinations Committee and ESA staff for their friendship and support and I promise to work hard as ESA President, together with ESA Board of Directors, Council, and ESA Committee Members and Chairs and move forward with this extraordinary organisation, which has made us proud and ready to continuously enrich its activities.

I wish all our members and Newsletter readers all the best for 2016.