Gas Man Pre-congress Workshop

Gas Man Pre-congress Workshop

  • Issue 61

James Philip

Gas Man author, James Philip*,  and three Gas Man expert users (Jan Hendrickx, Tom van Zundert and Jonas Weber) taught 24 anaesthesia professionals how to install and then use Gas Man to learn, teach, explore, and research inhalation kinetics, low fresh gas flow, and closed circuit anaesthesia.

After becoming familiar with the basic layout, delegates learned how to modify factors known to affect kinetics of inhaled agents and observe their effects. Teachers and learners explored clinical scenarios of interest to all. During the two hour course delegates saw how various aspects of inhalation anaesthesia kinetics can be learned using interactive computer simulation and how to create, save, and replay simulations to do this on their own. The group explored low flow and closed circuit anaesthesia using the new skills they had acquired in the workshop.

The four teachers used two computers, two projectors and two screens to present an easy to follow course.  One screen presented a PowerPoint description of activities demonstrated and the other screen presented the actual computer simulation that the teacher and learner group performed simultaneously. When queried afterwards there was a strong consensus that this method of teaching computer skills is better than the usual teacher demonstration of what to do.

A week before the course, pre-registrants received an email from the Euroanaesthesia that included a several-month Professional license and guided them to download the permanent free Gas Man Student Edition software and Workbook from . Late registrants and replacement participants for the sold-out course transferred the software and workbook via USB drives upon arrival at the workshop. Participants brought their own laptop computers (Macintosh OSX or Windows) so that they used and then retained all the electronic educational material to supplement what their minds retained when the workshop was over and they returned from the meeting. At the conclusion of the workshop, delegates accepted Workshop Diplomas and Gas Man pins and posed for a group photo.

The teachers were pleased that they had begun with neophytes and ended with enthusiastic users of computer simulation who were ready to learn, teach, explore, and research inhalation kinetics, low fresh gas flow, and closed circuit anaesthesia with computer simulation.

The group plans to repeat this introductory workshop at Euroanaesthesia 2016 to offer more delegates the same opportunity. Advanced courses will be offered in the future.

* James H Philip ME(E), MD is President of Med Man Simulations, Inc, a non-profit charitable organization creating, writing,  and distributing Gas Man® inhalation anaesthesia simulation worldwide via and . He is author of the programme. He has received honoraria for presentations related to Gas Man®.