From the Chief Editor

From the Chief Editor

  • Issue 72

Gabriel M. Gurman, Chief Editor

This current issue includes a new initiative of the Media Committee and the Newsletter editorial staff – offering the ESA scientific subcommittees an opportunity to publish some of their recent activities.

I am glad to inform our readers that this project was welcomed by many of the chairpersons of the subcommittees. You will find seven of them presented in this issue.

Each report reflects intense activity, with the aim of leading our large medical community in domains belonging to the profession of anaesthesiology, but also in relation to their efforts to prepare an interesting scientific programme for Euroanaesthesia.

I would personally like to thank all those who positively responded to this project, for their spirit of cooperation and readiness to share with all of us some of their committees’ plans and fields of activity.

I am inviting our readers to comment on the present reports and offer proposals regarding the enlarging of the activity topics of those scientific bodies who work for the benefit of our profession.