ESA Masterclass on EU Funding Horizon 2020

ESA Masterclass on EU Funding Horizon 2020

  • Issue 61

Coert Zuurbier | Netherlands

The Masterclass consisted of a two and half day programme in the comfortable ESA building in Brussel. The programme was well designed with all important aspects of submitting grants to Horizon 2020. Adequate time was spent on the internet portal and its use, the (political) background of where the specific calls were coming from, the amount of work that is associated with completing a research proposal, and the very valuable sharing of the practical experience of some previous submitters.

Strong points were: the friendly and open atmosphere of the class, the presence of some previous submitters and a commercial business with experience in the field of grant proposals for Horizon 2020, the willingness of one previous submitters to really start to decipher the whys of the specific calls, and the enthusiastic presentation on the importance of making a large, divergent group of people start to work together, once you have the grant approved.

Points for improvement could be: 1) spend less time on how to go through the submission process on the internet, because that is pretty well self-explanatory; 2) know already beforehand the specific calls for next year that are likely to be the calls for anesthesiology to submit too, and 3) have at least also one successful applicant presents its thinking about the submission.

Overall, I learned and enjoyed myself a lot during this Masterclass, which I would recommend to others.


2015 Research Masterclass in Scientific Writing

23 – 25 November 2015
Brussels, Belgium

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