ESCTAIC goals and future endeavours – notes from the new chairperson

ESCTAIC goals and future endeavours – notes from the new chairperson

  • Issue 76

Teodora Nicolescu
ESCTAIC Chairperson

As a new chairman for ESCTAIC I look forward to the new opportunities and challenges that this new role will pose. But I cannot do this without first thanking my predecessor for his work and successes at the helm of the society and for his kind and supportive transition of information to myself. So, thank you Prof. Gurman for everything and while I wish you well in your future endeavours, I hope you will remain an active presence in the society.

Looking forward to the future I am first going to address the challenges, namely increasing our membership and sponsorship. Since with any challenge comes an opportunity, I am looking at increasing the breadth of our scientific presentations by adding topics that include echocardiography and technological advancements, pacemakers and their technological advancements, and new monitoring in ICUs such as FloTrac. While the usual topics related to airway devices and management, ultrasound guided blocks, and chronic pain management topics will still continue, adding the new topics or including new pharmacological advancements such as sugammadex will help broaden both the audience and the sponsorship. As a corollary to all this, topics related to future practice models, and advancements in electronic medical records, education topics related to quality assurance and patient safety will add value to our scientific program and hopefully awaken more interest in our society’s mission and purpose.

In our challenges column we may also place the need for cost savings. On that note I will propose that our general assembly occur every 2 years going forward and any items that we need to address in the interim be done by group email or any other form of social media communication. Most of us will participate at the ESA 2019 and can keep in touch about any major announcements at that time. Provided we increase our funding by 2020 we can consider thereafter to continue the annual general assembly.

Our opportunities are also multiple, the rapid technological advancement gives our specialty plenty of opportunities. As I said, the focus will shift on broadening the topic base to include the following:

  1. Echocardiography – 3D, new machines, diagnostic in real time. That will afford the opportunity to work with companies such as GE, Toshiba, and Siemens. Adding to that the value of now doing transthoracic ultrasound, it will broaden the appeal for a larger audience.
  2. Pacemakers and coronary stents, which will relate to new technology in the cardiovascular field and add opportunities to educate a larger audience and attract potential sponsorship from companies like Medtronic or St. Jude.
  3. Pharmacological advancements related to new drugs such as sugammadex.
  4. Future practice models will offer the opportunity to partner with ASA committees and have a meaningful information exchange, as well as continuing to delve into health technology and expanding it (Dr Watson, newer e health versions).
  5. Patient safety and quality assurance topics, which should be offered as seminars and be more interactive to have a more active audience.

In the workshop areas hands-on transoesophageal/transthoracic image obtaining, US guided blocks and airway devices can make for a higher attendance and sponsorship potential.

In the opportunity field I will also add my consideration to partner with national European societies to share the congress with their own national meeting. We will continue our collaboration with the Timisoara Congress, a relationship that was so successful historically, but we will also broaden our reach to include collaboration with other regional societies such as the Georgian Society of Anesthesiology, and the Serbian Society to name just a few. The idea behind it is to broaden our reach, make more regional society members aware of our society and its mission and ultimately increase our audience.

I am excited for all the opportunities that the future will bring us and my hope is to enlarge the scope and mission of our society. At the same time, I look forward to starting work on the new scientific program for the 2020 Congress, so I look forward to collaborating with members on topics and speaking engagements.

As a last thought, I encourage all of the present members to feel empowered to bring ideas and interests to my attention, your engagement in the society is both welcomed and appreciated.

I look forward to an exciting and successful collaboration with all the members and thank all of you for offering me this opportunity.