ESA Trainees Committee: The role of Trainee Representatives in other ESA Committees

ESA Trainees Committee: The role of Trainee Representatives in other ESA Committees

  • issue 77

Bernardo Matias, Anne Blank, Gustavo Norte, Matija Majic, Anita Lukic, Lyndsey Forbes, Nuri Burkay Soylu, Yasemin Sisecioglu, Diogo Sobreira Fernandes
ESA Trainees Committee Chair and Members

The year 2018 was very important for the ESA Trainees Committee, and one of the main reasons was the vote of confidence from the ESA Board, as a 1-year trial period started to evaluate thevalue of Trainee Representatives in other ESA Committees, starting with 5 strategic areas (Scientific, Communication, Education and Training, e-Learning, and Guidelines). The objective of this article is to present a summary of the developed activity.

In the Scientific Committee (Anne Blank), the evaluation of previous Euroanaesthesia conferences, namely attendances, workshops, and courses evaluation, as well as the financial analysis and classification of abstracts were the main topics. Furthermore, new types of sessions for next year’s edition were discussed and the task of format revision was given to the Trainees Committee. We recommended topics and modifications to the proposed formats and scored their applicability as well as their level of interest and submitted this to the Scientific Committee for final review. In addition to this, a discussion about pre-congress courses, workshops, number of participants, and reduced fees for trainees, led to the approval by the ESA Board of 20% of activated places to trainees with a reduced fee in these formations during Euroanaesthesia 2019.

The Trainee Representative in the Communication Committee (Anita Lukic) was very well-integrated and used our dynamic social media channels to promote many ESA events as well as opportunities and deadlines for applications. This gave an even better insight into ESA work as well as future projects, which will also be of interest for European Trainees. This member was also very active during Euroanaesthesia and integrated the ESA Social Media Team during the conference.

Participation in the Education and Training Committee (EdTC) (Matija Majic) led to better insight and knowledge of education strategies and methodologies and also opened a door for new education possibilities that can be applied to the wider anaesthesia and intensive care community, as well as the opportunity to give the trainees’ perspective and adapt some ideas/resources to trainees’ needs The Trainee Representative was actively involved in reviewing and suggesting proposals for the EdTC program of Euroanaesthesia 2019 and also participated in the development of Clinical Masterclasses (mainly through the elaboration of a proposal for an Ultrasound Masterclass).

In the e-Learning Committee, the development and promotion of webinars were on the top of the list. Several MOOCs were reviewed with input of our representative, who attended 4 meetings of this committee. Our contribution was also helpful on what is considered a good micro-learning module from the trainees’ perspective to be developed in the future. Our Representative (Diogo Sobreira Fernandes) is currently elaborating a proposal for the collaboration between both committees regarding the creation, advertisement, and evaluation of new e-Learning contents.

The Guidelines Committee (Lyndsey Forbes) itselfdiscusses current and ongoing guidelines and future plans for their development. It is expected that our role within this Committee will take the form of helping with the review of literature and documents. In addition, the Committee have discussed our role aiding the implementation of Guidelines, given our widespread Trainee Network. Improving awareness of these resources is also a concern and this will be part of our remit as well. Being on this team has allowed the ESA Trainees Committee to interact with Prof. Sybille Kietaibl (chairperson of EBA’s Education and Professional Development Standing Committee) for an editorial in the EJA that will provide the trainees’ view regarding European training and the new European Training Requirements.

In conclusion, we had to learn a lot and had to find our value on the different Committees, but proved to be an important part of these structures, using our social media platforms and knowledge about the trainees’ needs. This led to the approval by the ESA Board via Board Meeting (January 2019) for one permanent trainee representative in each committee except in the Examinations, Nominations, and Finance Committees and Trainee Exchange Programme, which led us to plan for expansion for other committees in the 2nd semester of 2019.

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