ESA Trainees Committee and ASA-Resident Component – The transatlantic connection

ESA Trainees Committee and ASA-Resident Component – The transatlantic connection

  • Issue 74

Bernardo Matias, Diogo Sobreira Fernandes, and Chad Greene,

Following first participation in 20151 (back then still as the ESA Trainee Network), the ESA Trainees Committee (ESATC) (established in 2016) was present last October at the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting in Boston. The main objective of this presence was to strengthen relations with the ASA-Resident Component (ASA-RC).

This structure was created in 1988 and in its almost 30 years of existence they have pursued three main goals: 1) To encourage residents’ participation in ASA, 2) To develop experience in organized medicine among young physician leaders, and 3) To improve residents’ awareness of the ASA’s role in the evolution of the specialty of Anesthesiology,2 which is synergistic with the objectives of the ESATC.3

During the conference, the ASA-RC organized a program specifically aimed at anaesthesiology trainees (also included in Euroanaesthesia by ESATC since 2017) and medical students that includes sessions from networking moments, regional anaesthesia and leadership workshops, financial wellness during residency, and the House of Delegates, which is the “highest authority of the ASA-RC”.2 In this event, where all USA states are represented (as well as international members, such as the ESATC and members from Australia and Canada), the new ASA-RC officers are elected and subjects regarding anaesthesiology residents are reviewed. All discussions had high participation and main topics focused on the possible increase of ASA Resident membership fee (and how this could distance them from ASA) and their stance regarding the impact of anaesthesiology practice in environmental changes.

This was a really rewarding experience and a partnership that should be further developed (as the ESA Trainee Network grows at an international level, in parallel with the solidification of the European connection4), since most goals and difficulties are common. We hope to continue working together in order to find opportunities for leadership, research, and clinical training,5 for both American and European trainees. One example of this collaboration could be the future presence of ASA-RC in the Euroanaesthesia 2019 Trainees Programme.

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Figure 1. Left to right: Chad Greene (President ASA-Resident Component), Bernardo Matias (ESA Trainees Committee), and Calvin Gruss (President-Elect ASA-Resident Component)


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