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What can the ESA do for you?

  • Issue 61

In 2014, the ESA By-laws were changed to give all trainees voting rights at the General Assembly and to allow 2 Trainee Representatives to sit on the ESA Council with full voting rights to represent all European trainees. The current Trainee Representatives are Diogo Sobreira Fernandes (Portugal) and Michela Rauseo (Italy).

With the full support of the ESA Board, the NASC and the ESA Academy, Dr Sobreira Fernandes and Dr Rauseo aim to setup an ESA Trainee Network to facilitate communication and the flow of information amongst European Trainees on the one hand, and to the ESA Council and Board of Directors at the other. Through this network the ESA will promote training, education and opportunities for trainees throughout Europe and very importantly receive feedback from trainees about their needs and expectations from the Society.

To get this very important initiative off to a start, the Representatives have compiled a survey. Please would you circulate this survey amongst the Trainee Members of your society and encourage them to complete it by 10 August.

Please complete and circulate the Trainee Network Survey here

For any questions, please feel free to contact Diogo Sobreira Fernandes (

Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!

Dan Longrois
NASC Chairperson

Andreas Sandner-Kiesling
ESA Academy Chairperson

Diogo Sobreira Fernandes
Trainee Representative

Michela Rauseo
Trainee Representative