The ESA Trainee Network at Euroanaesthesia 2018 – Tradition Continues in Copenhagen

The ESA Trainee Network at Euroanaesthesia 2018 – Tradition Continues in Copenhagen

  • Issue 75

ESA Trainees Committee Chair and Members

Since its founding in 2016, the ESA Trainees Committee (ESATC) has been successfully developing and expanding the ESA Trainee Network (ESATN) and the Trainees’ Program during Euroanaesthesia (EA) congresses.

After the success in 2017 in Geneva, this year we had a bigger booth next to the ESA stand in the Exhibition Area and had easy access to promote the benefits of ESA, not only for the trainees but the whole Anaesthesia community as well.

We executed 4 booth sessions, which were organized according to a survey,1constant communication and feedback from trainees throughout Europe; the main theme was Emergency Medicine. During the “Meet the Experts” sessions, Prof Zsolt Molnar and Dr Leif Rognas gave great lectures about volume resuscitation and videolaryngoscopy, which filled the place, bringing trainees and experts in these areas, together, in an interactive atmosphere. The “Young Anaesthesiologists booth session”provided great lectures from Emine Salviz, presenting “New plane blocks”, and Selin Erel talking about “Anaesthesiology Training”. Also, the“Trainee Sections booth session” showed the trainees committees’ activities throughout Europe, with Sarah Sellam speaking about France, Lyndsay Forbes about UK, and Matija Majić about the Croatian section, which showed the importance of the ESATN in the evolution of these organizations throughout Europe. According to our satisfaction survey, the overall rating of these sessions by trainees was 9/10, which motivates us to keep investing in these kinds of sessions in the future.

The already iconic and traditional evening of the ESATN during EA, the Trainees’ Social Dinner, was also in the program this year. With the participation of around 100 ESA trainee members from all over Europe, we had a beautiful dinner in Dalle Valle restaurant. It was the perfect opportunity for trainees to meet, get to know each other, and exchange information. The dinner was a success, and this was only possible through an incentive from the ESA, which partially subsidized the evening. We are delighted by the overall score (9/10) of the dinner according to the satisfaction survey and we thank all trainees and the ESA for their participation and support. This encourages us to work harder and aim to do an even better in the future (we already have some surprises planned for Vienna)!

The ESA further supported the ESATN by providing 30 Travel Grants (TG) (for which 70 participants applied), which gave a lot of motivated trainees the possibility to attend EA. This action is a great example of how much ESA cares and supports trainees, which is one of the main factors that makes the institution and specifically this conference so popular among them. The following is from a TG winner Kinga Mastalerz:

“It’s hard to express how much I enjoyed coming to Copenhagen for my second EA. I was looking forward not only to take part in workshops, lectures and seminars, but also meet again people I met through ESATN last year. … I was so happy to meet so many new trainees who joined ESATN and to see how we’re growing and our programme gets better. As for the conference, travel grant gave me opportunity to attend lectures and seminars led by ones of the best in my field of interest, which is geriatric anaesthesia, and to talk in person with people cooperating the multi-centre study my hospital assigned to. It was a pleasure to meet professors whose work I follow in my research on daily basis. … I need to mention the ESATN WhatsApp group, which is in my opinion one of the best ideas Trainees Committee came up with. Whatever I didn’t know about city or congress, someone already asked it! What’s more – someone already answered it. … Thank you guys for this wonderful experience and I’m already excited to see you in Vienna!”

We also recognize the participation of health industry partners like the MAQUET Getinge Group, which provided Young Fellowship Grants focused on trainees and young specialists and followed the lead of ESA in recognising and promoting young anaesthesiologists’ activities.

The ESATC works very hard to organize the EA Trainees’ Program, trying to maintain positive feedback and further developing each year. We use every opportunity and channel available – from Social Networks to National Trainee Representatives – to reach trainees throughout Europe and hope to keep expanding our Network in the future.

In case you have any question or suggestion, please contact us through:


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