The ESA Trainee Network across the globe during 2019

The ESA Trainee Network across the globe during 2019

  • Issue 80

The ESA Trainees Committee team

The main goal of the ESA Trainee Network is to connect all European Anaesthesiology Trainees and share interesting information about ESA and ESA Trainees Committee activities. For that reason, we need to know their expectations and how to best fulfill them.

In order to do that, the ESA Trainees Committee has allocated funds to participate in international and national Anaesthesiology congresses and visit European Anaesthesiology departments, as well as preparing specific materials and presentations about ESA and ESA Trainee Network to share with national trainees.

This is a summary of the related activities developed during 2019.

French National Anaesthesiology Society conference (Paris – France, 19-21thSeptember) 

Anne Blank and Gustavo Norte (Council Trainee Representatives, Members of ESA Trainees Committee and European and International Trainee Sections Task Force Coordinators)

This year we received an invitation to participate in the French National Anaesthesiology Society (Société Française d’Anesthésie et de Réanimation – SFAR) annual conference and were able to present the ESA Trainee Network there in Paris (Picture 1).

We were also honoured to co-chair one session with the SFAR-Jeunes group (National French Trainee Section) in which a survey, that we shared and promoted through our Social Network channels, was presented. With our help, an amazing number of 1298 responses from 58 different countries could be achieved. This is a very good example of the possibilities of the ESA Trainee Network and we would like to encourage all National Trainee Representatives to use these resources in the future!

ANESTHESIOLOGY annual meeting (Orlando – USA, 19-23thOctober)

 Olivier Duranteau (Elected Trainee Representative, Member of ESA Trainees Committee and Education Task Force Coordinator)

A collaboration between ESATC and the ASA-Resident Component was initiated in 2015, which led to an invitation of one of our members to the ASA congress in 2017, 2018 and again this year in October (Picture 2).

The conference format is similar to that of Euroanesthesia, organized every year by ESA (and which will take place in Barcelona next year). During these days I made 2 presentations on behalf of the European trainees. I explained our current European problems regarding working time, as well as the problem of payroll. I also explained the role of the ESATC and the ESA Trainee Network, how it works and the current work we are doing.

I listened carefully to the current problems of the American Trainee Network. Their concerns are focused on 2 areas: student loans to finance the expensive studies and student welfare. Indeed, they are facing a strong increase in the number of students losing motivation in continuing on this career path.

The ESA trainee Network and the ASA Resident Component will continue to develop common initiatives. Our main current project is about student welfare with the writing of a common document.

Università deli Studi di Torino’s Department meeting (Torino – Italy, 28thOctober)

Gustavo Norte (Council Trainee Representative, Member of ESA Trainees Committee and European and International Trainee Sections Task Force Coordinator)

On October 28, 2019, the ESATC was invited to be present at the Università deli Studi di Torino’s Department of Anaesthesiology in Italy. Gustavo, our past Council Trainee Representative, presented the ESA and ESATC activities and listened to the local trainees’ expectations and needs (Picture 3).

Thank you very much to all these institutions for the invitations and opportunity to share our projects and the possibilities available for European Anesthesiology Trainees through the ESA Trainee Network!

If you want to know more about what ESA can do for trainees and what interesting activities are there for trainees, you can contact the ESATC ( or join our Social Networks through and ask for us to participate at your local meetings and national congresses or for information to be sent to your National Trainee Representative (NTR).