ESA – Society of Anaesthesiology of Sao Paulo-Brazil Cooperation – A Report from the President

ESA – Society of Anaesthesiology of Sao Paulo-Brazil Cooperation – A Report from the President

  • Issue 64

Zeev Goldik | ESA President

There are approximately 20,000 anaesthesiologists in Brazil, around 6,000 of them in Sao Paulo.

After a Memorandum of Understanding with SAESP (Society of Anaesthesiology of Sao Paulo – Brazil) and ESA was signed 17 November 2015 during the 62nd Congress of the SBA (Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology) in Florianopolis, Dr. Zeev Goldik met Dr. Oscar Cesar Pires – President of the SBA, and Dr. Rogean Rodrigues Nunes – Scientific Director of the SBA.


During this meeting a fruitful collaboration between ESA and SBA was agreed:

1) Brazil would launch on 8 April 2016 6 centres for the On Line Assessment (OLA) -Fortaleza, São Paulo, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Joinville- with 185 participants.

Paulo Sa (Portugal) would supervise the first OLA in Brazil for ESA. We would like to acknowledge Paulo for his intervention, facilitating our contacts with Brazil.

2) Exchange of lecturers between SBA and ESA. This is the Brazilian Session planned for the Euroanaesthesia Congress in London, where 9 important speakers will present anaesthesiology activities in 25 Brazilian states:

Brazilian Meeting SBA-ESA – Symposium organized by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology (SBA)
29 May 2016
South Gallery Room 27

Chair: Rogean Rodrigues Nunes (Ceará, Brazil)

-Strategic planning for 2016
Érick Freitas Curi (Espírito Santo, Brazil)

Zeev Goldik (Haifa, Israel)

-Brazilian consensus on anesthetic depth monitoring
Rogean Rodrigues Nunes (Ceará, Brazil)

-Obstetric anaesthesia in Brazil
Marcelo Abramides Torres (São Paulo, Brazil)

-Blood and coagulation management in acute trauma
Roseny dos Reis Rodrigues (São Paulo, Brazil)

-The anaesthesiologist as a second victim: How Brazilian society is dealing with this problem
Augusto Key Karazawa Takashima (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

-Prevention of postoperative hyperalgesia
Gualtier Lisboa Ramalho (Paraiba, Brazil)

-Effect of magnesium sulphate on sugammadex reversal time for neuromuscular blockade
Ismar Lima Cavalcanti (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

-Perioperative echocardiography: highlights
Marcello Fonseca Salgado Filho (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

-Perioperative risk stratification: a proposal of a risk model for the perioperative care improvement
Luciana Cadore Stefani (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

This session comes in addition to a Scientific Session presented by SAESP, the Society of Anaesthesiology in Sao Paulo, as part of the Euroanaesthesia Scientific programme:

Update in anaesthesia – Symposium organised by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology (SBA)
30 May 2016
Capital Suite 7

Chair: Claudia Marquez Simões (São Paulo, Brazil)

– An update to the sciatic nerve block by the gluteus-femoral sulcus route
Neuber Martin Fonseca (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

– Airway assessment and head and neck surgery
Claudia Marquez Simões (São Paulo, Brazil)

-Anaesthesia and cancer recurrence. Is there enough evidence?
Ana Cristina Pinho Mendes Pereira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

3) SBA will have a stand at the London Euroanaesthesia exhibition, and ESA is invited to have a stand at the 63rd Brazilian Annual Congress in Brasilia (November 2016).

4) SBA is discussing the possibility to integrate the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care part I Examination as part of the educational curriculum in Anaesthesia in Brazil.


OLA 2016 Brazil


EDAIC part I 2016:

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