ESA Privacy and Data Security Policy

The ESA takes all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data.  The ESA respects your privacy and is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of your personal information. This policy explains how and why the ESA collects and uses the personal information of its members, customers and website visitors, and how the ESA protects your privacy.

When disclosing your personal information to us on our website or by completing and submitting paper or electronic forms to us, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information as stated in this policy.

The personal information that we collect from you shall be obtained, processed and transmitted in compliance with applicable data protection legislation – the European Directives 95/46 and 2002/58 and, as our offices are located in Belgium, the Belgian data protection Act of December 8, 1992.  “Personal Information” means information that relates to a living individual who can be identified from that information or from that information together with other information which is held by or is likely to be held by us.

This general policy is in addition to any specific policies concerning specific products or services. It may be amended at any time.

How the ESA collects personal information

The ESA is an association which combines a wide range of activities in the field of anaesthesiology, including:

  • Provision of Membership Services
  • Collection and dissemination of scientific information
  • Organisation of scientific congresses and events
  • Organisation of EDAIC exams
  • Provision of other products and services

This may require the handling of personal information of the individuals involved in these activities and hence the ESA collects personal information in a number of ways from a number of sources. This information may be communicated to the ESA on paper forms received through the postal services or by fax, or electronically through registration on the ESA Web Site and use of the ESA’s online services or through other electronic forms made available through partner websites.

The sources of personal information received by the ESA are:

  • The individuals themselves
  • Third parties acting on behalf of individuals (e.g. an agent arranging registration or hotel accommodation for an ESA organised Congress)
  • Society Members: Members of National Anaesthesiology Societies may become Associate Members of the ESA by virtue of their Society’s membership of the ESA.

Where we receive personal information about individuals from sources other than the individuals themselves (e.g. for ESA congress registrations), we will take all practical steps to contact the person concerned to advise them of their rights to oppose the use of their data or to correct it.

The principle ways in which the ESA collects personal information are:

  • When you register personal details when creating or updating a user ‘Website profile’ (user account) on the ESA Web Site
  • When you, or an agent or other third party acting on your behalf, enter personal details on a form requesting an ESA product or service (e.g. when registering for an ESA organised Congress)
  • When you, or someone on your behalf, submits proposals or content in connection with scientific sessions at an ESA organised Congress or meeting (e.g. Abstracts submission)
  • When you enter personal details on a form applying to become an ESA Member, or a Member of one of the ESA (sub)Committees or Working Groups.
  • When you enter details on a specific application (e.g. for the ESA Trainee Exchange Programme, a Masterclass, an ESA Grant or other award; participation in the ESA Clinical Trial Network …)

What personal information is collected by the ESA

Mandatory Personal Information

As a general rule, the following minimum information must be provided in order for your order, request, application, etc. to be processed:

Nominative Information – Title, First Name(s), Family Name(s): Your nominative details are needed to properly identify you, to communicate with you, to provide you with the products and services you have requested and to ensure that items are properly labelled as yours (e.g. congress badges and scientific contributions such as abstracts and presentations, etc.).

Full Postal Address: The Postal Address is needed when items will be sent to you by post (e.g. paper journals, exam diplomas…).  Although this is not always needed in practice, the full postal address is always requested to save asking for it specifically when needed for a particular transaction and because it helps to correctly verify your identity (where other persons have the same or a similar name).

Additional personal information, which can be mandatory for persons creating a ‘Website profile’ on the ESA website is:

Date of Birth:  Your date of birth is used to help us correctly identify you and avoid duplicate records and also, where specific fees or charges apply which depend on age, to determine eligibility for these fees.

Telephone and Fax information: This enables us to contact you rapidly in case of need

Email address: Your email address is part of the unique login information contained in the website profile that you may create.  Additionally, because we only permit a particular email to be used once in our system, it eliminates the possibility of duplicates.  Finally, it permits a forgotten password to be handled in an automated secure way.

Emailing Preference: When creating a website profile at this website,  you agree to receive marketing or informational emails from the ESA. Note that such emails will allow you to opt-out of receiving further emails at any time

Profile Information: We may ask you for information about your Professional Activity, Place of Work, and Fields of Interest and Areas of Expertise to enable us to provide you with more relevant information, and to better understand the preferences of our audience so that we can give a better service generally.

Other Personal Information

Other information may be requested which is necessary or relevant for specific activities.  The ESA carries out such a wide variety of activities that it is not practical to provide an exhaustive list, but here are some examples:

Mandatory information for specific purposes

  • Credit Card information is required for anyone wishing to make payment by this method.
  • Curriculum vitae, list of publications and other information requested to support applications for Membership of certain ESA (sub)Committees ESA, Working Groups, Task Forces, or for ESA Grants and other awards.
  • Affiliation information (to an organisation) is required for all persons wishing to submit an Abstract.
  • Professional status (together with proof) is requested for all persons requesting certain fees (e.g. specific registration fees for congresses and events)

Other information about your visits to and use of the ESA website is also collected in an automated manner when you use the ESA website .

How the ESA uses personal information

Personal information is needed by the ESA to enable it to properly manage its member and customer files. These files are used to enable the ESA to fulfil its role in providing a wide range of services to its members, contributors and customers.

The personal information which you supply may also be specifically used to:

  • process an application for or Membership to ESA, an ESA (sub)Committee or Working Group.
  • process an application for the ESA Trainee Exchange Programme, an ESA grant, or other award.
  • process a registration for an ESA congress, meeting, course and other event (both at a physical location or online). Congress badges, online access to courses, etc. and certificates of attendance also require the nominative information supplied.
  • handle attendance at a social event at an ESA congress, meeting, or other event.
  • process registration(s) or hotel request(s) for another person(s) if you are acting on behalf of a third party or parties.
  • handle scientific programme activities in connection with ESA congresses and meetings.  These include: abstract submission and grading process, speaker and chairperson management, handling of agreement forms, preparation of the scientific programme, presentation management onsite, publication of the scientific content on the ESA or other website.
  • process a subscription to an ESA journal (whether delivered to you in paper form or accessed online) and to handle your online access to its contents.
  • handle specific processes, including expense claims and Declarations of Interest.
  • manage access to and use of any online platform the ESA develops (such as an eLearning platform).
  • manage access to restricted content on the ESA website (certain resources are only available to ESA Members).
  • enable individual communications with you about specific matters – e.g. sending confirmations, receipts, requesting further information to solve queries, etc. and sending emails to you with information about ESA activities which we believe will be of interest to you.
  • send electronic newsletters and notifications (alerts) to you.

Email addresses

Electronic communication is for most purposes the ESA’s preferred method of communication because it is generally convenient, rapid, effective and efficient. In order to be able to communicate with you directly electronically, the ESA needs your email address. You are required to supply a unique email address when you create your ‘Website profile’ on the ESA Web Site, which is required if you want to access a variety of services online, or access specific content on our website.
For any online service (such as ESA Membership application, congress registration, EDAIC related registrations …), you have the opportunity to provide a preferred email address, which can be the same as or different from the email address of your website profile, and which will be used to communicate with you regarding that specific service.

Unique Email Address

For your convenience and security, the email address linked to your ‘website profile’ is unique to you in the system. You are strongly recommended to use an email address that is personal to you and that is not shared with others. This is to ensure that communications that are sent to you personally are not read by others, and that others do not gain access to the information in your account.  Additionally, the unique email permits automated handling of a forgot password, enabling you to reset your password in an automated and secure way using your personal email address.

Email privacy

The ESA respects the privacy of personal email addresses and complies with the current European legislation on email communication. The objective is not to send you unwanted messages, and your email details will not be passed on to any other individual or organisation without your permission.

Without your specific ‘Opt In’ to receive emailings from the ESA, you may receive e-News covering all ESA activities, or products and services similar to those you have already received from the ESA.

All mailings sent to you offer the possibility to unsubscribe. If you indicate that you do not wish to receive ESA generated emails you will only receive emails directly related to the transactions you have with the ESA (e.g. confirmations of registrations, etc.) and other necessary individual communications.

Disclosure of information and Marketing

The ESA does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. The ESA may supply your information to its contractors to perform specific services (such as to the publishers to deliver EJA journals). Otherwise, the ESA does not disclose personal information to any other person or organisation without your consent.  In this context, your personal data may be disclosed to the following external partners of the ESA in the circumstances described below:

  • Congress exhibitors who scan your congress badge:  If you accept to have your badge scanned when visiting an exhibiting company stand, or by a hostess at an Industry Sponsor session, your badge will enable them to retrieve the following personal data: nominative (title, first name(s), last name(s)), address (postal address and email), telephone, fax.
  • Groups representatives and Agencies handling your congress or event registration:  Where your registration is handled by someone other than yourself, your confirmations may be sent to this third party.  These contain nominative details about you.

Right of access to your ESA information

You have the absolute right to access, amend, and oppose the use of your personal data.

If you want to know exactly what personal information the ESA holds on you, you can obtain it. If it transpires that the information is inaccurate, or you wish to oppose its use in future, the ESA will make the necessary amendments and confirm that these have been made.  Please contact the ESA in writing (accompanied by proof of identity) at:

European Society of Anaesthesiology
24 Rue des Comédiens
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium .

Data security

To protect your information, the ESA uses an industry standard security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the transmission of sensitive information. SSL is used, for example, when you make a credit card payment.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. They are small text files that a website can use to recognise repeat users and facilitate their ongoing access to, and use of, the site. They do not pose a threat to your system or files.

The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many websites use them to provide useful features. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a computer. Most browsers are set initially to accept cookies. You can set your computer to reject cookies. However, if you do choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to use the online services offered at this website.

External Links

The ESA Web Site contains links to other websites. Please be aware that the ESA is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites. You are therefore encouraged to read the privacy policies of any other site that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by the ESA.

Managing your contact with the ESA

Creating a ‘website profile’ (user account) on the ESA website

You do not need to create a ‘website profile’ to access most of the ESA Web Site, but you do have to do so to access our online services and to access certain web content.

Note: Please read our FAQ section for details about creating a ‘website profile’. The ESA reserves the right to merge duplicate accounts for one and the same user.

Using Social login features

You can use one of the social buttons to create a ‘website profile’ with an existing social network account.
You can link several social logins to one website profile, but please read our FAQ section to help you prevent the creation of duplicate website profiles.


  • If you use a social login, some features (such as changing your password and/or email address) are not available: your social network service manages these data, not the ESA website. Please refer to the social network’s website to recover your password or login, if needed.

Accessing online services

When using any of ESA’s online services (such as ESA Membership application, congress registration, EDAIC related registrations …), you have the opportunity to provide a preferred postal or email address, which can be the same as or different from the data you provided in your ‘website profile’ , and which ESA will use to communicate with you regarding that specific service.

The details you supplied to the ESA in your website profile and/or the details that the ESA has on file for you from previous or subsequent applications or registrations may be used to:

  • prefill any online application form, saving you from having to keep giving the same information for different ESA services. You can of course always change any prefilled data.
  • provide you with online services like Abstract Submission, etc.
  • help you to get more out of the ESA by keeping you up to date about ESA activities, scientific developments, and products and services by email.

Access to personal information in your website profile

If you create a website profile on our website, you have direct control over the information in that profile, and can access and change this information online at any time by clicking ‘My profile’ in the top menu (only visible after login). These data are managed solely by you, and cannot be changed by ESA.
Anyone with a website profile can also use the ‘Forgot password’ feature, which will send an email to the email address that you use to log in – if recognised – guiding him/her through a process to choose a new password.
Please read our FAQ section: when using a social login, the ‘Forgot password’ feature may be unavailable.

Access to your ESA Membership profile

ESA Members, moreover, can as well access and update the information and preferences they submitted during their ESA Membership application. Click ‘My profile’ in the top menu (only visible after login): current ESA Members will see an extra menu item “My ESA Membership profile” in the left menu, allowing them to:

  • View their current ESA membership status (membership type, start & end date)
  • Change their EJA mailing preference
  • View/update the address data that the ESA has on file for you as an ESA member
Last updated: 11 February 2013