ESA Guidelines launches a Methodology Group

ESA Guidelines launches a Methodology Group

  • issue 81

With the goal of enhancing the quality and ethical standards, and to address methodological issues ESA Guidelines has launched a Methodology Group.

ESA produces approximatively three Guidelines per year, aiming to deliver the best clinical practice advice to anesthesiologists. Writing a Guideline is not limited to the literature review or finding the right PICOs: there must be a methodology advisor who strengthens the work of the task force members.

The need for a Methodology group arises because of the constant reevaluation of quality standards and the willingness to do better. That’s why our new SOP allows the creation of this group. 

What is exactly the Methodology Group?

The Methodology Group is a group of professional methodologists, with different backgrounds, to suit every Guideline Task Force in case it needs it. The methodologist will be selected on their area of interest and professional skills. The Term of office is for 3 years, and then it can be evaluated for renewal on a yearly basis. The Methodology Group is composed of up to 5 members including the Guidelines Committee Chair. The methodologist’s role is to ensure the methodological standard and assist with any issue of pertinence. They will provide their skills to help the ESA Guideline Committee and the ESA Guidelines Task Forces to safeguard the quality of guidelines. Methodologist must have extended knowledge about guidelines, grading and evidence-based medicine.

How to apply?  

  • Complete the online application form
  • Provide a copy of CV and publication list
  • A completed COI Form. Please ask for it at

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at