ESA Focus Meeting on Regional Anaesthesia in the Perioperative Setting

ESA Focus Meeting on Regional Anaesthesia in the Perioperative Setting

  • Issue 68

Gabriella Iohom
Past-Chair  SSC3 – Scientific Subcommittee on Regional Anaesthesia

The idea of holding a yearly two-day ESA meeting in autumn in an attractive location came to life at the beginning of the decade. The first four were called Autumn Meetings and were held in Budapest, Hungary (2010); Krakow, Poland (2011), Prague, The Czech Republic (2012); and Timisoara, Romania (2013). Typically, the programme was built each year around a handful of contemporary topics of perceived great interest to a wide range of anaesthesiologists. Ever since 2014 the focus has changed to a single area of Perioperative Medicine, which in return is discussed in great detail and attracts collaboration with national (host) and specialist societies. The ‘focus’ has rotated through the following themes: ‘The Paediatric Patient’ in Athens, Greece (2014); ‘The Cardiac Patient’ in Nice, France (2015); and ‘The Ageing Patient’ in Lisbon, Portugal (2016). It has also become customary to award 9 European CME credits (ECMEC) granted by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Where to next?
In 2017 the ESA Focus Meeting is to be held in Israel’s Mediterranean coastal city of Tel-Aviv, on November 9-10. It will be organized in conjunction with the tri-annual international congress of the Israel Society of Anesthesiologists.
The topic is going to be ‘Regional anaesthesia in the perioperative setting’, chosen at the request of the Israel Society of Anesthesiologists and also as a testimony to the ever-growing interest in this dynamic area. The scientific programme endeavours to answer ‘questions you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask’, from the fundamental issue of ‘why bother’ with regional anaesthesia to ‘how to make the most of your blocks’. It will encompass various techniques, settings, and patient populations, and controversial topics, spanning the journey from pre- to post-operative. Most importantly, regional anaesthesia will be taken out of theatres into the real world with discussions about risks and benefits, complications, and much more. Both acute and chronic pain management topics will be featured, as well as education and training in regional anaesthesia. Delegates will have the choice of three parallel sessions of highly educational material delivered by a truly international panel of experts, in the following formats: lectures, refresher courses, Pro-Con debates, and symposia.

In addition, participants may sign up for ‘foundation’ or ‘advanced’ hands-on workshops on ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. The former will cover the femoral, popliteal, and axillary brachial plexus blocks, whereas the latter will assume those as already mastered and will focus on others.

Why should one attend?
One can be reassured that this focus meeting has all the necessary ingredients to be a rewarding experience. There is a realistic expectation of current opinions, updates, new concepts, constructive stimulating interactions, and active exchanges between delegates and speakers. Besides, this is a wonderful opportunity to attend two congresses in the same week, both with very worthwhile educational value.
Weather in November is nice in Tel-Aviv and the sea is still warm.
Please join us and be heard for your own benefit and that of the wider audience. Booking well in advance is highly recommended in order to avoid disappointment.