The EDAIC exam – a perfect facilitator for international collaboration

The EDAIC exam – a perfect facilitator for international collaboration

  • Issue 78

Başak C. Meco,MD and Jean-Jacques Lehot, MD

The European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), a strong and unifying platform in Europe for our specialty, is a perfect example for endorsing international collaborations in many ways and areas. Among many goals that it achieves, a major impact that ESA has is that it promotes the harmonisation and quality improvement, assurance and certification of training among its members, with the European diploma exam. This multinational, multicultural textured exam is additionally a perfect meeting point for our society member examiners to get to know each other well.

As a nice example of such an occasion, that thenled to a fruitful collaboration, several years ago the Part II EDAIC exam in Istanbul enabled us to meet Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Lehot, a specialist on simulation training. The connection that was created resultedthis summer in a perfect course in Turkey given by a team from CLESS (simulation center of Lyon, France), which was led by Professor Lehot. He and his team have designed a course on Simulation Training in Turkey. The masterclass was organised by Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anaesthesiology; and Prof Jean-Jacques Lehot, Prof. Thomas Rimmele, Ass Prof. Marc Lilot and Lucas Denoyel, a simulation engineer, were the instructors. With the collaboration of 17 participants from different specialties (anaesthesiologists, emergency physicians, a neurosurgeon, an ENT surgeon, a general surgeon, a paediatric surgeon, a cardiovascular surgeon, a OB-GYN surgeon, an anatomist, a physiopathologist and a nurse) a 5-day course and workshops were performed in Ankara. We had a wonderful multidisciplinary turn-out with a huge impact, which was very beneficial. This first step for a long-term collaboration between Ankara University and Lyon 1 University is a good example of the unifying effect of the ESA.

We hope that achieving strong cross-cultural links through such achievements will increase the power of our Society and extend the mission of harmonisation of ourmembers.

Under the umbrella of the ESA, individual aims and objectives can merged to generate better and stronger European collaborative projects.

Thank you ESA for merging us!