CEEA Course in Turkey

  • Issue 60


During the 48th National Congress of Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, held from October 25 to 29, 2014 in Ankara, a special session on Continuous Education in European Anesthesiology (CEEA) was organised on October 27 andchaired by Professors Zuhal Aykaç and Philippe Scherpereel.

The CEEA courses started in Turkey on 1999 under the Professor Mois Bahar’s leadership. He was one of the members of the first CEEA. Four centers were created and until today one of them was continuing regularly. After a presentation of the structure of the CEEA by Philippe Scherpereel, a presentation of the organisation of the courses was delivered by Doctor Dilek Ari Erdogan, acting as a liaison officer with the CEEA. Professor Zuhal Aykaç, who is appointed as general coordinator for the Turkish centers presented the schedule of the new organisation. During the panel discussion, Professor Mois Bahar gave a short history of the Turkish centers and Professor Neslihan Alkis, President of the Turkish Society, explained the full support brought to the CEEA courses in her country.

The Doctors in charge of the courses were on the stage and presented rapidly their role: Fatma Askar, course 1 director and chair of the Izmir center, Tülay Hosten, course 1co-director, Belkis Tanriverdi, course 2 director, Atilla Ramazanoglu, course 3 director, Mine Solak, course 4 director, Sacit Güleç, course 5 director and Ahmet Cosar, course 6 director. The courses will take place in various cities, Ankara, Istanbul, Mersin, Trabzon, Malatya, Antalya. Neslihan Alkis, TARD president, is also Ankara center director, Zuhal Aykaç, Turkish CEEA course president, is also Istanbul center director. A picture gathering all the people taking part in the Turkish CEEA courses was taken just after the session.

This session was a golden opportunity to strengthen the links between the Turkish CEEA courses organisers and with the CEEA in the ESA headquarters in Brussels, and go forward with a reinforced dynamism.