2014 Masterclass in Scientific Writing: Report

2014 Masterclass in Scientific Writing: Report

  • Issue 60

The Masterclass in Scientific Writing is an advanced scientific workshop dedicated to learning how to write critically and appraise scientific articles and abstracts. The 2014 Masterclass in Scientific Writing was held on 18-20 November 2014 in Brussels at ESA Headquarters.

The Faculty consisted of Liz Wager (UK) and Dr. Nadia Elia (CH) international experts in scientific medical writing.

Young anaesthesiologists who already had some experience in the clinical research field and were motivated in their choice of an academic path for their medical career in the future attended the course. There were 24 attendees coming from different countries. 5 attendees had already participated to previous ESA Masterclasses in other topics.

The programme contained 6 exercises and 1 workshop during which participants applied the knowledge learnt during lectures through practical exercises. Attendees were split in 4 groups, mixing countries to push people to speak English. Useful exercises such as review e.g a poor-written article and spot mistake or build the skeleton of an article based on the CONSORT guidelines.

Evaluation of attendees showed that the content, its presentation and the whole course was very interesting and will change the practice of the participants. The best rated lecture was “How to write the introduction and discussion” (Day 2, Liz Wager) and the best rated workshop was “Methods exercise” (Day 1, Liz Wager). The presentations by Dr. Nadia Elia about the EJA “What do editors do?” (Day 3, Nadia Elia) were also particularly appreciated.

Caption: Attendees of the ESA 2014 Masterclass in Scientific Writing // Brussels, Belgium